I created Customer Focused Engineering after witnessing poor corporate strategies with respect to customer satisfaction.  The single, most powerful service I can provide is that of determining your best allocation of resources.  My strategy ensures that everything you do is valuable to your customer and to your bottom line, eliminating wasted time and money.

Customer Focused Engineering in brief...

Customer Focused Engineering encompasses the Reliability, Quality and Customer Support areas to provide a framework which ensures your customer is satisfied and your company is profitable.

More than ever in today’s environment, a successful company must deliver products that are not just lab prototypes, but are designed and manufactured to meet customer expectations the first time around. These expectations must be addressed from product conception right through product end-of-life. Customer expectations can be met with a cross company Customer Focused Engineering approach based on the disciplines of reliability, quality and customer support to ensure the customer technical requirements are addressed in all phases of the product life-cycle - R&D, Manufacturing and Product Deployment.


Canadian Reliability and Maintainability Symposium, 2003
Peter served as the Technical Chair for CRMS 2003 held October 16-17, 2003 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.